Monday, April 20, 2009

I can't stop brain's on overload!

I can't stop brain's on overload!

#1--Angle Guards! My brain is making them in my sleep! Everything I see inspires another Angel Guard design! I think God is trying to tell me that I do have a Guardian Angel and I do have protection! I have made Angel Guards, AG magnets, AG boxes, AG necklace/earrings set, and AG charms. I have ideas for AG Window Dazzlers, AG HeartStones------------it won't stop! I LOVE IT!!! I just have to get these ideas out of my head!

#2--I think Amelia is an Agility Dog! She is fast! She learns quick! She aims to please! I think she would be a great candidate for agility training. I am looking into how to start in this. Any suggestions are welcomed.

#3--I am feeling better and now all the things that had to slide for the last 3 weeks are on my mind! House cleaning; laundry; yard work; car washing; dog walks; AARRRGGHHHHH!

Help! My brain's on overload and I can't stop!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Normal Days!

I am creating and creating!!!!!!!

I have posted pictures on my new Facebook business page.
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Now that I am feeling better, I find I have energy to work on my creations and Etsy Texas Crafters things. (I am on the leadership team). The surgery was a lot harder than I anticipated. I am having a bit of
difficulty adjusting to the medicine I must take the rest of my life--but I will and it will get better!!!!!

My Angel Guards and Angel Watchers are getting a lot of praise. People really like them. My HeartStones are accepted really well. Both have been used to help people t
hrough difficult issues: a Mom/Wife gave one to her daughter and husband as she had an incurable disease; a Sister gave a HeartStone and an Angel Guard to her little Brother who was deploying; a Friend gave one to her Friend who is fighting cancer; a PenPal gave one to her long time PenPal..............these are just some of the stories I've heard.

I wanted to create something that brought people hope and encouragement. I believe I have. I j
ust wish I could get HeartStones and Angel Guards and Angel Watchers to more people!!!!!!!!! Just to make them SMILE!!!!

These are all availiable at my Web Boutique