Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Normal Days!

I am creating and creating!!!!!!!

I have posted pictures on my new Facebook business page. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Temple-TX/Its-me-Cheri-Boutique/81570847864?ref=nf
Please go visit and become my follower!

Now that I am feeling better, I find I have energy to work on my creations and Etsy Texas Crafters things. (I am on the leadership team). The surgery was a lot harder than I anticipated. I am having a bit of
difficulty adjusting to the medicine I must take the rest of my life--but I will and it will get better!!!!!

My Angel Guards and Angel Watchers are getting a lot of praise. People really like them. My HeartStones are accepted really well. Both have been used to help people t
hrough difficult issues: a Mom/Wife gave one to her daughter and husband as she had an incurable disease; a Sister gave a HeartStone and an Angel Guard to her little Brother who was deploying; a Friend gave one to her Friend who is fighting cancer; a PenPal gave one to her long time PenPal..............these are just some of the stories I've heard.

I wanted to create something that brought people hope and encouragement. I believe I have. I j
ust wish I could get HeartStones and Angel Guards and Angel Watchers to more people!!!!!!!!! Just to make them SMILE!!!!

These are all availiable at my Web Boutique


  1. Oh, Cheri, you will get used to the meds. It will help get your energy back up too. I have my thyroids but have to take the meds too. Mine don't work right. Love your creations. It is so cool that people let you know how they are being used.

  2. Cheri, I am sooooooooooooo glad you are feeling so much better and are able to create again! I second Marilyn -- you will get used to the meds and life will be even better! Your work brings so many blessings and so much comfort to others, it is GOOD that you are creating again!