Monday, February 23, 2009

I've decided!

I have decided to try a craft fair again! I am going to do the Blooming Temple Craft fair in April. Two of my Etsy Texas Crafter team mates are doing it with me. I really hope this one goes much better that my last one! I am working on things to go in my shop. I have several and have to spend a day taking pictures to list everything. But.......because I have been so sick, (see below), I have not been able to keep up with housework. So my goal is to get everything in order with my house Monday through Wednesday and work on my Etsy shop Thursday and Friday. I am VERY excited about my new items and cannot wait to share them!

I had a disappointment: I was not able to go to Grandpa's funeral. The day he died I was diagnosed with a very bad case of bronchitis, possibly pneumonia (wow! I am surprised I can spell that)! Anyway. The doctor would not let me go. They video'ed it for me and I watched that today. It was wonderful. I wished I could have been there. Oh well!

Roy and I went to San Antonio to look at a house that Eric and Lenise are thinking of renting. It was very nice. And Eric told us that they have decided to rent it! I cannot not put into words of how glad I am that they will be in Texas. It is a direct answer to my prayers. Thank you Jesus!

Well, off to cook dinner! Yum!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memories of Grandpa!

Having actually live with Grandpa while my Dad was stationed oversea in 1967 and spending many a summer with he and Grandma, he was a great influence in my whole life.

The elaborate birthday cakes he and Grandma would fix! Oh my goodness, they were FANTASTIC. Made me feel like a princess so many times! I had a summer birthday and I got many of his wonderful creations! I believe watching him decorate cakes (and eating many of those decoration without him knowing) has helped me in my creativity today and the quality of my work. He always wanted the cakes to be perfect and would start over if it was not! He was a good example to me in establishing my work ethic.

He was a great Preacher and Man of God. I remember many a sermon that he would get so excited, he actually seemed to floating off the ground! I also remember him saying MANY times "Cheryl!" and snapping his fingers during the middle of his sermons as I was misbehaving! Go figure! I especially loved Baptism Sunday. The service was beautiful and Grandpa would preach fantastic sermons. But, the next day, before Grandpa cleaned the baptismal tub, my sister, Rhonda, and I got to go "swimming"! Good times!

I will never forget him praying for me! I just knew that if he prayed, all would be well. He and Grandma were prayer warriors and I saw many miracles as are result of those prayers. On one particular night, while kneeling beside me while I said my "Now I Lay Me" prayers, I asked Jesus to give Grandpa enough money to buy a swing set. Don't you know, the next day when I got home from school, there was a swing set in the backyard!!! He taught me the importance of prayer, not just for the little things like swing sets, but in the major and mundane things of life.

He and I would always watch war movies after the evening service on Sunday nights. Grandma would make hamburgers with the softest buns in the whole wide world. That was the only time that we were allowed to eat in the "Front Room" and it was magical to me.

I also remember spankings! I never felted so much terror in my life as when, after I had done some sort of mischief, (I wasn't always the angel-child everyone has come to know and love), Grandma would say, "Wait till I tell your Grandfather!" I knew I was in for it! There were not too many spankings and they were never done without a reason but they were memorable!

I also remember how perturbed he was when, on the way home from school, my sister, Rhonda, bit the dashboard of Grandpa's car. (Cars had soft dashboards back then.) Her teeth prints were still there when he sold the car years later. We asked Rhonda why she did it, and she said she didn't like the new car and wanted the blue one back! Grandpa was totally perplexed as now he had to explain the bite marks on the dash to everyone who rode in his car! Good times!

Anyway--he was a big influence to everyone who touched his life. I will miss him dearly! I know all of Heaven is rejoicing! And he and Grandma are strolling, arm and arm, praising their Beloved Jesus and have the best of time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reverand James L. Watkins, my Grandpa

My Grandpa died during the night.

I imagine that Grandma was waiting for him at the "Gate of Heaven" and when he walked through, she threw her arms around him, and they walked arm in arm into the dawn--Grandma making introductions and Grandpa shaking hands!

God is definitely saying to Grandpa, "Well done, my good and faithful Servant!"

I love you, Grandpa!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A "Doh!" moment

Well, I had some people tell me that I mentioned my Web Boutique in my last post but forgot to put the address! So I went back and read my post.


The address is http://itsme

I am thinking about doing other craft show. I am nervous because the first one I ever did was a FLOP! It was at a church but it was not a good location, wasn't advertised well, and was hard to see from the street!!!! They had a bounce house but put it in the BACK of the church so not one saw it! I was very disappointed and that experience has left me nervous.

Here some pictures of some of the items I have in my Boutique!

Bookworm Bookmarks;
Woven Hat;
Discples Cross;
Military HeartStones

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for an Update!

Well, I am not sure what happened to my other blog! It just disappeared! I have cut & paste the last entry to remind myself what I was talking about!

We have been home for 11 months! What an 11 months that has been! Lots to update so here goes:
We are enjoying reconnecting with our family. We had the pleasure of attending our nep
hew, Ryan's wedding; our niece, Stephanie's wedding; going to movies, local restaurants, and taking adventures with my folks; welcoming our great-niece, Isabella into the world; Thanksgiving with our family; and Christmas in Texas! I told Roy last Christmas, after we put Eric & Lenise on the plane back to Tampa, that I was spending next Christmas in Texas! It was like we had never left! (sort of) We have reunited with our best-est of friends; Keith & Kay and Terry & Jennifer; which has been fantastic! (On a side note: Keith is stable. He struggles daily with the issues that cancer brings but he is stable. Kay is holding up well but needs your prayers too.) Coming home has been the BEST thing! Both Roy and I realize that we should have never left--Texas is where we belong. WE ARE HOME!

Roy is doing VERY well. He is enjoying his job and is well liked by his bosses and co-workers. He continues to need nurses (it's the nature of the industry) but his staff is very supportive and cooperative. He appears to be handling the constant pain well--calls it his best friend (?). There are still days he is in so much pain but God has given him the grace and tools to handle it better. He suffers so much and it just makes me so very sad! The cold of Wisconsin was WAY TOO MUCH for him and he was in constant pain. A Texas Winter has been much easier and he has suffered less. Otherwise he is so happy (finally) and content. He smiles & jokes more and enjoys the times we are with family and friends more. He is more "inter-active" with life! Happiness!!!!

I am enjoying creating for my shop. I have
expanded what I make and am learning so much! I feel my quality has increased and am very proud of my creations! Here's the address of my shop. Please visit and tell me your thoughts and opinions, ideas for what I can make, and even buy something (please?).
I am a member of the Etsy Texas
Crafters (ETC) and am the ETC Mini-Team Coordinator for the state of Texas. I have made many "online" friends and enjoy "working" for the first time in a long time! I do fit all the stay at home housewife stuff--laundry, cleaning, cooking, appointments & such--into my day but I do make time to create everyday! My health is doing good. I was reminded, rather quickly I might add, that I was allergic to Texas (very heavy sigh). That was a nice part about Wisconsin--everything froze and I didn't have allergy troubles. Anyway, I was allergy tested and it was confirmed--I am allergic to Texas! I take two shots every week and finally after 6 weeks, the reaction to the shots, are tapering off. It is working and I am feeling better!

We have an addition to our family since moving home. An American Foxhound named Amelia!
Why? I don't know! We got her in August--Roy said she was my birthday present--which is okay with me! We rescued her from the local animal shelter. Her family was being deployed to Iraq. She spent three weeks in the shelter then we came along to take her home! She is
VERY energetic and is bigger than any dog we have ever had. She has the SWEETEST disposition and gets along with everyone! At this writing she is 15 months old and still very much a puppy! Bailey has accepted her fairly well but she does look at me every once in a while with that "Big Sister" look of "Mom, she is such a Brat!" And Amelia can be a brat of a little sister!

Bailey still rules the roost and Amelia knows it! Bailey is doing well health-wise. We did have a scare at Christmas but that is over now. Cushing's Disease is just taking it toll on her and she is slowing down. But the good days are much more prevalent than bad days. She is still bright-eyed, interested in life, and active so we are very happy!

Eric and Lenise are doing GREAT! And they are moving to TEXAS in MAY!!!!! Eric is going to be a Basic Military Instructor at Lackland AFB in San Antonio - (a "Sargent Carter" but in the Air Force). He's gona shape-up those new recruits! Roy and I are beside ourselves with excitement!!!! Lenise is hoping to transfer to a Starbucks in San Antonio. She is an Asst. Manager now. She has spoken with several locatio
ns and they are interested. They are currently busy with all the stuff moving entails. Please pray for them so they don't become overwhelmed. Their biggest need is a place to live so please remember them in your prayers.

Well, enough for now!!!!!

From Old Blog

Friday, June 27, 2008

Settling in!

It is funny how things just fall in place, isn't it! Roy has settled into his job rather well. He deals with A LOT of issues everyday and he still needs to hire more nurses, but he really is happy! He seems so settled. Now, if the pain he suffers would only subside, all would be most well!!!! We had a really good appointment with our doctor yesterday and Dr. Jesse gave Roy a new medication that helps and he is sending Roy to PT for a TENS unit, which is very effective for the kind of nerve pain Roy suffers. We are hopeful!

We have really enjoyed re-connecting with our family and our friends! We are truly wealthy and are blessed with many rich relationships--family and friends. We are BLESSED!

I have decided to open a web store on Etsy is a marketplace of only handmade items. I am currently working on items to list and plan to "open" the store this weekend. (Gotta buy batteries for the camera so I can take the pictures for the website--Roy is going to help with the photos this weekend) I guess I can really begin meaning it when I say I am an artist--a "STARVING" artist!!!! I am laughing out loud!!!!! I am really enjoying "creating". It has taken me a while to find a place to create (I am so missing my basement studio that I had in Wisconsin.) And I have been very frustrated about it! Kay, my "best-est buddy", suggested I take the guest room closet & a folding table and "set up shop." What a great idea! I think I have spent too much time there because any time I walked down the hall, Bailey goes with me and stands in the guest room doorway! (She is my constant companion where ever I go in the house.) I tell her "No, it is not time to create right now!" and she looks rather perplexed about it!!! More info to follow on my store!!!!
Update on our dear friend Keith and his fight with cancer--It has been 9 1/2 months since the diagnosis and he is actually doing very well! Praise the Lord!!! The docs have started him on a new cancer med that he takes daily and things have settled down and no growth is found. Cancer research has progressed by leaps and bounds and remarkable things are being reached everyday!!!!!

God IS good!

Well, I need to get to work and CREATE!!!!