Friday, February 6, 2009

A "Doh!" moment

Well, I had some people tell me that I mentioned my Web Boutique in my last post but forgot to put the address! So I went back and read my post.


The address is http://itsme

I am thinking about doing other craft show. I am nervous because the first one I ever did was a FLOP! It was at a church but it was not a good location, wasn't advertised well, and was hard to see from the street!!!! They had a bounce house but put it in the BACK of the church so not one saw it! I was very disappointed and that experience has left me nervous.

Here some pictures of some of the items I have in my Boutique!

Bookworm Bookmarks;
Woven Hat;
Discples Cross;
Military HeartStones

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  1. Hey, Lady, don't let the bad apple in the group spoil you to what you may find to be wonderful. Craft shows are great fun especially if you can find someone to maybe share a booth or go with you. I used to love it when I could go to craft shows with my MIL.