Monday, February 23, 2009

I've decided!

I have decided to try a craft fair again! I am going to do the Blooming Temple Craft fair in April. Two of my Etsy Texas Crafter team mates are doing it with me. I really hope this one goes much better that my last one! I am working on things to go in my shop. I have several and have to spend a day taking pictures to list everything. But.......because I have been so sick, (see below), I have not been able to keep up with housework. So my goal is to get everything in order with my house Monday through Wednesday and work on my Etsy shop Thursday and Friday. I am VERY excited about my new items and cannot wait to share them!

I had a disappointment: I was not able to go to Grandpa's funeral. The day he died I was diagnosed with a very bad case of bronchitis, possibly pneumonia (wow! I am surprised I can spell that)! Anyway. The doctor would not let me go. They video'ed it for me and I watched that today. It was wonderful. I wished I could have been there. Oh well!

Roy and I went to San Antonio to look at a house that Eric and Lenise are thinking of renting. It was very nice. And Eric told us that they have decided to rent it! I cannot not put into words of how glad I am that they will be in Texas. It is a direct answer to my prayers. Thank you Jesus!

Well, off to cook dinner! Yum!

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