Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memories of Grandpa!

Having actually live with Grandpa while my Dad was stationed oversea in 1967 and spending many a summer with he and Grandma, he was a great influence in my whole life.

The elaborate birthday cakes he and Grandma would fix! Oh my goodness, they were FANTASTIC. Made me feel like a princess so many times! I had a summer birthday and I got many of his wonderful creations! I believe watching him decorate cakes (and eating many of those decoration without him knowing) has helped me in my creativity today and the quality of my work. He always wanted the cakes to be perfect and would start over if it was not! He was a good example to me in establishing my work ethic.

He was a great Preacher and Man of God. I remember many a sermon that he would get so excited, he actually seemed to floating off the ground! I also remember him saying MANY times "Cheryl!" and snapping his fingers during the middle of his sermons as I was misbehaving! Go figure! I especially loved Baptism Sunday. The service was beautiful and Grandpa would preach fantastic sermons. But, the next day, before Grandpa cleaned the baptismal tub, my sister, Rhonda, and I got to go "swimming"! Good times!

I will never forget him praying for me! I just knew that if he prayed, all would be well. He and Grandma were prayer warriors and I saw many miracles as are result of those prayers. On one particular night, while kneeling beside me while I said my "Now I Lay Me" prayers, I asked Jesus to give Grandpa enough money to buy a swing set. Don't you know, the next day when I got home from school, there was a swing set in the backyard!!! He taught me the importance of prayer, not just for the little things like swing sets, but in the major and mundane things of life.

He and I would always watch war movies after the evening service on Sunday nights. Grandma would make hamburgers with the softest buns in the whole wide world. That was the only time that we were allowed to eat in the "Front Room" and it was magical to me.

I also remember spankings! I never felted so much terror in my life as when, after I had done some sort of mischief, (I wasn't always the angel-child everyone has come to know and love), Grandma would say, "Wait till I tell your Grandfather!" I knew I was in for it! There were not too many spankings and they were never done without a reason but they were memorable!

I also remember how perturbed he was when, on the way home from school, my sister, Rhonda, bit the dashboard of Grandpa's car. (Cars had soft dashboards back then.) Her teeth prints were still there when he sold the car years later. We asked Rhonda why she did it, and she said she didn't like the new car and wanted the blue one back! Grandpa was totally perplexed as now he had to explain the bite marks on the dash to everyone who rode in his car! Good times!

Anyway--he was a big influence to everyone who touched his life. I will miss him dearly! I know all of Heaven is rejoicing! And he and Grandma are strolling, arm and arm, praising their Beloved Jesus and have the best of time!


  1. What beautiful memories, Cheri! You and your family are in my prayers. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Cheri,
    I agree those are beautiful memories you have of him. I have only known him for a couple of years, but in that short time I had come to love him too. I remember telling him at Stephanie's wedding a couple of years ago that he had to stick around and marry Ryan and Tracy. He said he would love too, but he was 91 and didn't know if he would be around then, he was ready to go be with his wife. I told him I had hired him so he had too. Tracy and I were so happy he stayed around long enough to be at their wedding. His being there made their wedding very special. I also remember during the ceremony he looked at me, really looked at me and winked as if to say evreything will be fine. As I was having a hard time watching my daughter get married. I felt a special connection to him right then and there.
    I also loved listening to his stories and reading his poems. I was too young to remember my father and never got to know either of my grandparents, so I guess I kind of adoped him too.
    My whole family considered it an honor to know him and I know he will be sadly missed.
    I will keep you all in my prayers