Monday, March 30, 2009

Angel Guards

Angel Guards

Coming Soon to and

Angel Guards.

These are not your average Guardian Angels. They are the collaborative creations of two friends and teammates inspired from a scary experience where Angels stood guard. You'll have your choice of color combination between Polymer Clay Angel Guards and Angel Watcher Earrings in itsmeCheri's shop or Fabric Tote Bags in berrybluecreations' shop.

So be on the lookout for Angel Guards and get some to guard your angels.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So here's what is going on..........

In December 2008, I had allergy testing done. My allergy doctor, Dr. Starr, was very thorough and check everything out. All was good except the allergies! Yikes--127 little shots in one week! No fun! I am allergic to trees, dust, molds, and cats. I also had a cough that x-rays showed nothing. The shots have been okay--I react to them each time. This last time was particularly bad and Dr Starr has said to stop the shots for a while.

I went to see my general doctor, Dr Jessie in February and told him I just didn't feel good. I was tired alot, achey, my hair was weird, -- just generally felt bad. And I had a cough. He checked me out and I had a bad case of bronchitis almost pneumonia. So I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Well, on March 16, I went back to Dr Starr for an allergy check-up. You can read about that in the post before this one. One thing that I did not mention was Dr Starr found a large mass in my thyroid and he scheduled an ultrasound to see what it was. By the way, I still had the cough. The ultrasound came back and I have a tumor and nodules in my thyroid. I needed a biopsy to see what was going on. Well, I had the biopsy on March 24--yesterday. There is a 3.5cm sized benign tumor and nodules in my thyroid. It is interfering with talking and I cough when I talk or sing. I have a funny hissing noise at the end of breaths. Weird, huh? Well, at least they figured out the cough!

Anyway, I have surgery to remove my thyroid Thursday, April 2 and I am okay with it! God has placed several people in my path who have had this surgery and they all say that is it not too bad and after the initial "get well" period, I will feel a lot better. I am looking forward to that. Today I do not feel good. The position they had my head in yesterday to do the biopsy, hurt the muscles in my neck so my neck is sore and hurts to move. And I am just tired! Also, it has been gray and rainy for the last two days which makes me down. I have every light on in the house! Roy thinks I am crazy!

So between now and next Thursday, I want to get the house in tip top shape and get meals prepared. I am tired and do not feel real good so this will be a challenge. Please remember me in your prayers. Also pray for Roy, he will have to cook meals for a few days. We have done this a few times in the past and he is just not a good cook. **sigh**

It's all good! And it will just fine!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I went to the Allergy Doctor today, expecting him to tell me I am doing very well.

AH! Not so!!!!

He asked how the shots were going and I told him I have a reaction every time. I just happened to have had shots this morning and so I showed him the reaction.

Man! Before I could blink an eye, he called someon
e and three nurses appeared. The site of the shot was over 5cm and I was coughing and head achy. They rubbed stuff on my arms, took my blood, and set me up for a sonogram to check my chest. Oh and I still have an Upper Respiratory Infection and Sinusitis! No pneumonia or bronchitis--Praise the Lord!

So I left his office today with sore arms, a hole in my blood vessel, chest still hurting, head hurting, still coughing and a prescription for another course of antibiotics!!!!! Ugh! Now I know that I am tired for a reason!

I have been creating though all this. I have made some Angel Guards and plan to post them to my Etsy shop soon. I am also working on two multi-stand beaded necklace. Those little beads are a "sucker" to work with but OH the result is fantastic!!!

Here's pictures of my arms fr
om the shots. One is 6cm big and the other is 8cm big! They are not supposed to have a reaction at all! Geez! Ow!

Thanks for listening to me "gritch" about my doctor's appointment! Please add me to your prayers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Out of fear- something Beautiful came!

Someone vandalized my car! Yes the new one Roy gave me for Christmas!

It all started with a flat tire. When I took it to Discount Tire, I asked for the nail. Not sure why at the time but, boy howdy, I know why now! They removed a sharpen screw driver shank. They were very surprised, as was I, and had me call the police right away. The Policeman came, looked at it, and asked if I had any enemies! That is when the fear set in. I called Roy and we went to Lowe's for outside lighting--extra bright light bulbs and solar lights. I also cleaned out the garage to fit my car in along with Roy's car and the Harley. Anyway, that night before going to sleep I prayed that God would put Angels around our house, yard, driveway and cars.

The next day while talking with my friends on Etsy-the idea hit me--Angel Guards. Here is my entry on my conversation in which the idea hit me: "
I asked God to surround our house, yard, driveway, and cars with angels! Oo oo oo--I think I need to create something with angels.............thinking.......yes, angel items to be coming soon........maybe call them Angel Guards...."

Well, here is the Angel Guard Prototype. PLEASE tell me what you think.
I am very pleased with how it came out.

So ............ out of fear--Something Beautiful came!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, I am not going to do the Blooming Temple Craft Show! I am very disappointed. Finances do not allow it at this time!

I have had three (3) deaths in my family since February 10. Grandpa, Mother-in-Law, and a very, very close family friend in Roy's side of the family. We went on a rushed trip to Pennsylvania-traveling 3 days out of 7. I am a little weary.

I will miss Mom Cline! She lived her life vigorously and with great joy! She was a constant source of entertainment. She is greatly missed!

I posted new items in my Shop today. Check 'em out, if you want!