Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So here's what is going on..........

In December 2008, I had allergy testing done. My allergy doctor, Dr. Starr, was very thorough and check everything out. All was good except the allergies! Yikes--127 little shots in one week! No fun! I am allergic to trees, dust, molds, and cats. I also had a cough that x-rays showed nothing. The shots have been okay--I react to them each time. This last time was particularly bad and Dr Starr has said to stop the shots for a while.

I went to see my general doctor, Dr Jessie in February and told him I just didn't feel good. I was tired alot, achey, my hair was weird, -- just generally felt bad. And I had a cough. He checked me out and I had a bad case of bronchitis almost pneumonia. So I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Well, on March 16, I went back to Dr Starr for an allergy check-up. You can read about that in the post before this one. One thing that I did not mention was Dr Starr found a large mass in my thyroid and he scheduled an ultrasound to see what it was. By the way, I still had the cough. The ultrasound came back and I have a tumor and nodules in my thyroid. I needed a biopsy to see what was going on. Well, I had the biopsy on March 24--yesterday. There is a 3.5cm sized benign tumor and nodules in my thyroid. It is interfering with talking and I cough when I talk or sing. I have a funny hissing noise at the end of breaths. Weird, huh? Well, at least they figured out the cough!

Anyway, I have surgery to remove my thyroid Thursday, April 2 and I am okay with it! God has placed several people in my path who have had this surgery and they all say that is it not too bad and after the initial "get well" period, I will feel a lot better. I am looking forward to that. Today I do not feel good. The position they had my head in yesterday to do the biopsy, hurt the muscles in my neck so my neck is sore and hurts to move. And I am just tired! Also, it has been gray and rainy for the last two days which makes me down. I have every light on in the house! Roy thinks I am crazy!

So between now and next Thursday, I want to get the house in tip top shape and get meals prepared. I am tired and do not feel real good so this will be a challenge. Please remember me in your prayers. Also pray for Roy, he will have to cook meals for a few days. We have done this a few times in the past and he is just not a good cook. **sigh**

It's all good! And it will just fine!!!

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