Monday, March 16, 2009


I went to the Allergy Doctor today, expecting him to tell me I am doing very well.

AH! Not so!!!!

He asked how the shots were going and I told him I have a reaction every time. I just happened to have had shots this morning and so I showed him the reaction.

Man! Before I could blink an eye, he called someon
e and three nurses appeared. The site of the shot was over 5cm and I was coughing and head achy. They rubbed stuff on my arms, took my blood, and set me up for a sonogram to check my chest. Oh and I still have an Upper Respiratory Infection and Sinusitis! No pneumonia or bronchitis--Praise the Lord!

So I left his office today with sore arms, a hole in my blood vessel, chest still hurting, head hurting, still coughing and a prescription for another course of antibiotics!!!!! Ugh! Now I know that I am tired for a reason!

I have been creating though all this. I have made some Angel Guards and plan to post them to my Etsy shop soon. I am also working on two multi-stand beaded necklace. Those little beads are a "sucker" to work with but OH the result is fantastic!!!

Here's pictures of my arms fr
om the shots. One is 6cm big and the other is 8cm big! They are not supposed to have a reaction at all! Geez! Ow!

Thanks for listening to me "gritch" about my doctor's appointment! Please add me to your prayers!


  1. Oh, dear Cheri, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon! One of us has to be healthy in order to drive to the craft shows we want to go to!!! Sorry you had such a tough day!
    {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}

  2. Poor thing : ( I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Well girlfriend, I finally connected with your newsy blog. You are walking through a physical rough spot for sure. I'll be praying for you for certain on the 2nd , as well as before and after. my personal email is , but since you feel like poo right now, I'll keep my eyes peeled for your blog updates.