Friday, March 13, 2009

Out of fear- something Beautiful came!

Someone vandalized my car! Yes the new one Roy gave me for Christmas!

It all started with a flat tire. When I took it to Discount Tire, I asked for the nail. Not sure why at the time but, boy howdy, I know why now! They removed a sharpen screw driver shank. They were very surprised, as was I, and had me call the police right away. The Policeman came, looked at it, and asked if I had any enemies! That is when the fear set in. I called Roy and we went to Lowe's for outside lighting--extra bright light bulbs and solar lights. I also cleaned out the garage to fit my car in along with Roy's car and the Harley. Anyway, that night before going to sleep I prayed that God would put Angels around our house, yard, driveway and cars.

The next day while talking with my friends on Etsy-the idea hit me--Angel Guards. Here is my entry on my conversation in which the idea hit me: "
I asked God to surround our house, yard, driveway, and cars with angels! Oo oo oo--I think I need to create something with angels.............thinking.......yes, angel items to be coming soon........maybe call them Angel Guards...."

Well, here is the Angel Guard Prototype. PLEASE tell me what you think.
I am very pleased with how it came out.

So ............ out of fear--Something Beautiful came!!!!