Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Bowl Of Lemons

Lemons. They are sour. But with a little bit of sugar, they make a terrific refreshing drink!

Life hands you lemons sometimes.

Roy and I are dealing with a bowl full of lemons right now. Ya' know, you look at those lemons and you notice things.

The size and shape of the bowl. The color. How it affects the bright yellow of the lemons. You notice how the bright yellow is a cheery color but you know the lemons are sour--makes ya make that ugly pucker face.

You realize you really need do something with those lemons.
Lemonade, Lemon Chicken, Lemon Zest, Lemon Bars.....what do you do with the lemons?

You know you must do something but what? So you head to a book--a recipe book. You find your options and realized you must follow the directions in that recipe in order to achieve the desired outcome. But there are too many ingredients, there's too many steps in the recipe, this is just not the recipe for you to make. It is overwhelming. You can't do this! You need help!

You seek the advice of another cook who is better than you. One that has already made the recipe. One that has knowledge of how to take the lemons and make them palatable. A plan is formed. The first step is there, ready to be taken. Guidance is a breath away. The better cook is waiting for you to ask for help--you are not alone!

So it is with Roy and mine lemons.

The recipe book? The Bible.
The experienced cook? The Lord.
The plan? To step on the stones He lays before us on the path He directs.

Richard Exley wrote: "It helps me to think of guidance as a miner’s cap with its built-in lamp whose feeble beam penetrates the darkness only a step or two. As the miner steps out, the light penetrates ever deeper, one step at a time. So it is with God’s guidance. We receive further direction only as we walk in the light He has already given us."

Still I will trust Him, still I will follow.
Still I will trust Him for all my tomorrows.
Though the storm rages on and I can't find my way.
Still I will trust, still I will follow
Still I will trust, you Lord.

We are making lemonade with the bowl of lemon life has just handed us!


  1. Some sweet tea with lemon or a cake or lemony cheesecake... all tasty.

  2. Yes, that is the only thing to do. Leave it in the Lord's hands and then follow where he leads you. We may not always think it is the right path but he knows best.