Monday, May 25, 2009

Have you ever had a day................................................

Have you ever had a day when you wanted a brownie? The thick.......1" to 2" thick.........and chewy........ya know............ real gooey and chewy? .............................. I have!

So I went to the "Ye Olde Bakery" and there it was
in all it's chocolaty glory! I could taste it just standing in line to buy! Why it was at least 1 1/2" thick! And you could see that it was chewy--it had a dark center and oozed yummy chocolaty goodness! My mouth was ready! My taste buds stood at attention in anticipation. My saliva glands were in full gushing mode. I BOUGHT IT - IT WAS MINE!!!!!!! OOOOOHHHH........I SOOOO want this Chocolate Brownie! I am NOT sharing!!!!!!

I took the bag and settled in the front seat of my car. I calmly drove home. I was not feeling very good that day so I decided to wait to eat my preci
ous chocolate treasure later in the evening. SO I set it on the kitchen cabinet, pushing it way back to the wall, so seeking paws could not reach it. I was careful--very careful!

Dinner was over. Dishes were done. Good night for TV. I was in my favorite recliner with my Precious Chocolaty Treasure in hand. I un-wrap the plastic wrap--Man! the Bakery really wrapped it well--at least 3 times! That meant chewy goodness for sure! As I continue peeling the wrap from my momentarily most treasured possession, Amelia jumps onto the couch. Her eyes fixed on my chocolaty goodness. Saliva at the
brink of drool, she licks her lips. I remind her it is my Brownie and it is NOT for Amelia! She is transfixed by the allure of it's sweet scent of promise.

Just then nature calls! The alarm is harsh and cramping so I MUST answer. I re-wrap my so anticipated Brownie, securing the ooey, gooey, delightfulness inside and rush to answer the call. Amelia jumps down, escorts me to the throne room, making sure I am seated comfortably, and goes back to the living room. I am not too conce
rned for the Brownie as there were more pressing issues at hand..........................................

Completing the aforementioned tasked, I eagerly return to my recliner and my Brownie. Oh the sweetness....Oh the chocolate treasure....I am ready...the one thing I have longed for all taste buds are on full alert....I even drool a little.....I turn the corner.....I can smell the chocolate....oh.

AMELIA ATE MY BROWNIE!!!!! Crumbs still clingi
ng to her whiskers, she licks her lips in supreme delight. It is gone! The plastic wrap licked clean. Not a morsel of chocolaty goodness to be seen! The beloved and desired object of my passion is in the stomach of a very happy and contented DOG!

"Amelia, bad dog! Very bad dog!", I exclaim in complete and utter disappointment.

She looks a me with her cute little 'bobo' face and says
, "Yes, I did eat it! And I liked it!".

How can you argue with that????? Is the Bakery open on Memorial Day?


  1. That little face is just too much (and I bet she knows that!) So cute.

  2. LOL. Leave it to a little furbaby to dash your anticipation. But like she said, it was really good. LOL

  3. She's such a cute dog! Now I want some brownies!

  4. This was sent to me by my Brother-in-Law, Bill:

    "Very comical story about rich chocolate brownie that your dog ate while answering your call. I had a very hearty laugh and thought it was funny. Thank you for sharing your story! Smile!"