Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Today I salute and honor those of my family who have served and are serving our Country:

Roy's Father, Roy
my Brother-in-Law, Mark
my Sister-in-Law, Diana
my husband's Cousin who died while serving our Country (hubby never knew him),
my Nephew, Paul
my Husband, Roy
Roy's Uncles, Albert and Edward
my Father, Jack
Roy's Grandfather, Roy
my Uncle, Fred
my Cousin, Fred
my Cousin-in-Law, Dale
my Grandfathers, Fred and Jim
our Son, Eric

These brave men and woman served in Air Force, the Navy and the Army. I am grateful for their service and sacrifice to our great United States of America!

Last night we watched the Memorial Day Show to Honor Our Nation's Heros on PBS. It was very moving. There was not a dry eye in the room. As I watched a story about how a Mother stood beside her critically injured Son ignoring the doctor's predictions of his death, she refused to believe he would die. He is alive and she cares for him 24/7 as he suffered a brain injury and can no longer care for himself. I realized God has truly blessed our family. I am so grateful that the above was not a path God required of our family or of me. My military members all came home alive and not in a steel box. I sincerely thank you, God!

Thank you to all who serve!


  1. Guess I can honestly call you a Brat! That's a very good thing....I'm a Brat, too. My Dad was a lifer in the Air Force. :)
    Judy (aka LocoBead)

  2. I'm an Air Force Brat and was married to a man who was in the Air Force. But, I really appreciate those that go overseas and fight for our freedom.