Monday, May 18, 2009

Keep an Eye out for Lil HeartBirds

I am working on a new item "Lil HeartBirds to carry your burdens away!" My team mate Kelley of set the idea in motion. I am hoping to debut them today or tomorrow!
They will be made of polymer clay--my favorite medium--and they will have glitz!!!!
I envision them as window decorations, Christmas ornaments, package decorations, scrapbooking embellishments, even use in a baby mobile. The ideas and possibilities just don't stop!!!

Personal note:
Back from a weekend in San Antonio with Eric and Lenise! As you know, they just transferred from Florida to San Antonio and we had to go visit!
Did we have a great time? ABSOLUTELY!!!

When we left I did not have that sad, sinking, not knowing feeling because instead of being 2 DAYS away they are only 2 HOURS away! Their house is cute. They are still decorating and setting it up but it is cute! I am so happy for them (and Roy and I).

Eric says he is liking his new job. He is struggling with "Getting Used to New Co-Workers Germs Syndrome". He has hoarseness and nasal drainage but once he builds a resistance and get used to the rather "LOUD" voice he needs to use with the Trainees, he will do great! He was off on Saturday and admitted he missed the Trainees!!!! On Sunday when Eric came into work, his mentor asked if we had a good time with our visit and Eric told him yes and we were going home later that day. His mentor told him to go home and continue the visit and be back at the training pod at 4:00pm! That was about 10:00am! So we got to spend Sunday with Lenise AND Eric too! We planned to leave about 4:00pm anyway so it was perfect! Lenise went to work Saturday morning and we had breakfast at her Starbucks! She is so good! I am SO PROUD of her and it was fun to watch her work! She found another Starbucks less than 5 minutes away from their house and will be transferring there in September! She is such a good Barrista. She made coffee at the house for us Sunday morning and of course it was FANTASTIC!!!

Oh--I am just do proud of them!

Can you tell we had a GREAT time?


  1. What a great weekend for you!! I can't wait to see the Heartbirds!!

  2. I hope your Heartbirds "fly off the shelves". I'm looking forward to seeing your new creation.

  3. Sounds cool, cheri. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit, too.