Thursday, June 4, 2009

2TeensandaToddler Purchase

Holy Cow! This was the quickest, easiest Etsy purchase I ever made!

My niece had the first GREAT-Grandchild & niece in our family. Which, I must say, has been a wonderful bundle of joy!

Stephanie wanted one of those puffy pads that you put in grocery carts and high chairs in restaurants to keep the baby safe from germs but she could not find one! So it is Grandma to the rescue!

Mom (Grandma) was telling me that she wished she could find a pattern and she would make one for the baby. Well, being the Etsy fan that I am, and knowing that if it exists, someone makes it on Etsy--I suggested we look!

Suer enough, we
find many already-made ones but Mom/Grandma wanted a pattern to make it for her.
So the search deepens and we find the "Sew EZ PDF Sewing Instructions Pattern to
Make Shopping Cart Covers"


Like I said -- this was the easiest purchase I have made!!!!
In a matter of moments, the pattern was emailed to us. It was almost INSTANTANEOUS!

We print it out. It is very clearly written with illustrations.

The following weekend, Mom/Grandma makes the cover and Stephanie is BEYOND pleased with the results. Our baby is protected in the grocery store!!!!

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