Friday, June 5, 2009

TheHeadsCreation Purchase

I had an idea for an "Angel Guard Treasure Box". Again, my brain was over loaded with "Angel Guard" ideas that I just had to get out of there!!!!!

I knew I wanted a white ceramic box of some sort. I was unsure if there was an Etsy s
eller who had unfinished ceramic boxes but I searched anyway.

Much to my surprise my search resulted in one(1) seller:
(Side note: I just went to their shop to copy their avatar. There is some AWESOME things there. I especially like the eye
ball. Go visit and see what I mean!)

Anyway, they had a listing for "Ceramic Bisque Boxes - decorate your own"-- PERFECT JUST WHAT I WANTED!!!! And there were TWO!!

the week, a box arrived however much to my dismay the box was crushed and opened in transit! I was very nervous as to the condition of my ceramic boxes. I cautiously opened the box, hoping upon hope that all was well inside.......they had packed everything SO boxes were fine--not a scratch! They were exactly as pictured and exactly what I wanted!

I made my "Angel Guard Treasure Boxes and they are available for purchase in my Etsy Boutique.

I will re
turn for all my ceramic box needs--TheHeadsCreation was wonderful!!!!

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  1. OMG!! That's ME!! I'm very delighted that you were happy with your purchace and it arrived in good condition- in leiu of the packaging.

    Thank you so much for including me and my store in your blog. I really appreciate your compliments and promotion. It would be splendid to work with you in the future- I have many other styles of boxes.

    I find it a humorously coincidental that they were made into "Angel Guard" boxes and my name is..... Angel...... too weird~

    I wish you luck in your store, and as always, Happy Etsying~ *Angel*