Friday, June 5, 2009

LittleSassy Purchase

It was another ETC Monday Event--"What's New With ETC"! This is the day new members are introduced and us "oldies" can toot our our horn! I love to visit every one of the newbie's shop to see all the new talent. There is amazing talent on the ETC team!

On the back burner of my mind is..........I am looking for a purse tissue cover. I hate the way your pocket tissues get dirty and crumple-y in your purse! Okay--back to my purchase.

I entered shop. She was a newbie and full of pep! She had the most adorable item in her shop! So cute! Beautiful colors! Excellent quality!

As I turned the "corner", my gaze fell upon a perfect pocket
tissue cover!!!! It was denim, lined with a pink bandanna and had "God Bless You" embroidered on it! Isn't that adorable? And I found it to "fit the bill" of my back burner search! KEWL! You use a tissue when you sneeze and someone says to you " God bless you!". How perfect is that?

LittleSassy/Daisy sent my tissue cover right away-- with special goodies to boot!

I now have non-dirty and non-crumpled tissues in my purse and a very pleasant feeling after visiting LittleSassy's Shop! You will enjoy it too! Go and go often!!!!

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  1. Cheri -- thanks so much for the compliment! And for the positive review. I reviewed the gift you sent me (in the one on one Texas Etsy exchange) on my blog - Little Sassy Sews! So sorry I didn't send you a link!! I'm so embarrassed. But here's the link now. Again, so sorry I didn't mention it before. The necklace you sent was FABULOUS!!!