Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marketing Experiment: Etsy Showcase VS ETC First Monday Event

I decided to do an experiment. I decided to purchase an Etsy Showcase. I heard pros and cons to the Showcases. The biggest con being why market to fellow Etsy-ians? The pros--exposure!

So after reading the how to's, I committed to buy. Which Showcase to join? I choose the Ceramic & Pottery Showcase as I am known as a Polymer Clay Artist who also has expertise in Jewelry Making, Excellent Quality, and Superior Customer Service.

Now......to the choice of the Day to have my Showcase. I looked at all the options. I figured that it would be best to have the Showcase on a Saturday--most people were home and would be on the computer. Also, I would choose a day that had the least amount of spots open as that would be indicative of a good day -- it must be good day 'cause more people chose that day for their Showcase.

After seeing my results, I realized that my thought processes were wrong and the results were disappointing:
Craftcult.com(majaba): increased item views by 71; hearts increased by 2
Google Analytics: 38 visits; 77 page or items views -- 20 were direct visits; 8 were from Etsy Finds; 3 from Google; 2 from Facebook; the rest were single visits from various other sites.
No (0) sales.

While I did have an increased views to my items, my investment of $7.00 cost me 9 cents per view. In my research, I have discovered that the weekends are NOT good days for web marketing, as it is the time most people are doing chores or family things and shopping/surfing the web is not a priority. The highest web shopping occurs on Mondays, followed closely by Fridays. I also suggest not buying a Showcase that is close to being full. As I saw a few of my items in the rotation, I tend to believe that if there were fewer Shops in the Showcase, the rotation rate would be faster and my items would have had more exposure.

It is interesting to note that ETC First Monday Sale had very different results and cost me nothing more than time--13 posts over 12 hour period in which I actively participated in the First Monday Thread.
Craftcult.com(majaba): increased item views by 7; hearts increased by 2; and item hearts increased by 3
Google Analytics: 40 visits; 112 page or items views --12 were direct visits; 6 were from Etsy Finds; 3 from Google; 6 from Facebook; the rest were 2 visits from various other sites.
One (1) sale. (yay!)

Conclusion: Even though my results are relatively the same for my Etsy Showcase and ETC First Monday Sale Event, the fact is First Monday was a better investment because I had sale. And that's what it is all about!

I have also noted an increase in exposure and visits from sending my promo items to the ETC Promo Swap, Sew Crafty Event in Houston, Funky Finds in Fort Worth and The Little Black Box. I did not physically have a booth at any of these events--I only mailed my promo items to them! All of these events occurred in the last six(6) week. During this time, I have had 453 visits and 1,123 items view. In this six(6) week period, I have had 13 sales. I was averaging 5 sales a month prior to my marketing efforts.

I cannot retire on the profits from my Etsy shop (***sigh***), however, I am pleased with my efforts. Marketing is hard. It involves alot of work. However, if not done, how will you drive people to your shop in order to make sales?

Marketing is the tool to increased exposure and SALES!!!!


  1. Finding that majic marketing bullet is definitely a challenge. I wish I had the answer, but looking at my sales, I really don't have a clue. I sent in items for the ETC summer promo swap. I hope that helps. Thanks for keeping stats on your efforts Cheri.

  2. Great advice Cheri! I find it impossible to know what works. It's just by chance with me I suppose. I love doing the swaps and meeting new people and getting all the goodies they send, so I will see you at the swap!!! I think that is a such a great way to get exposure, but mainly I love meeting and getting to know all the people! I find I do best selling at festivals, to tell you the truth, but I just can't do them in this heat. So that is the time I try to produce and also get myself involved in swaps and such on ETC and also try to make new items. Thanks for your advice!!!

  3. For the money, I found that Showcases just aren't worth it. I get more exposure and hits from other sources including the fantastic ETC. I'm on a very small budget so I take the least expensive routes. The only thing I put into promoting is time.

  4. I think I made a rookie etsy mistake when I joined Etsy and purchased LOTS of showcases. It cost me a lot of money and I didn't really make any sales although I got a lot of item views. I Didn't know about G.A. then. Now, my biggest exposure has been the free to participate things...Sew Crafty Event (I made almost $100 over the Memorial Day weekend!) and The Little Black Box. The sale I had over Memorial Day was awesome for me. I think I do better when I have a sale for several days rather than just one day (i.e. First Monday). Also, Facebook and Twitter have been a HUGE help for me. I still hate Twitter, but I'm 'tweeting' new listings and it's making a BIG difference in my views, shop/item hearts and I think sales. It's driving people to my store, anyway.

  5. Cheri,wonderful article. In many ways it reinforces things I've felt but couldn't articulate, and points out factors I've never considered. thanks for the time you took to share....ruth

  6. I agree on so many points here: the rise in views/lack of sales from Showcases, the slower sales on weekends, and better sales on Mondays. I, too, had a sale from my first First Monday Sale. Much more worth the trouble.
    Now, questions: I am just new enough to not know about the events, Little Black Box, Sew Crafty, etc. Where do you find about about these?
    You think tweeting about listings truly helps? Ok, I will keep doing it. Slowly getting more followers on FB page. I am thinking of doing the Storque Yart sale this week. Stay tuned.
    Thanks for all the info,Cheri and others.