Thursday, June 4, 2009

UniqueRM purchase

I was in a "Wanna Trade?" chat room on Etsy back in January. I was looking for a checkbook cover-one that had a flap in it because I have duplicate checks. I randomly asked if anyone made "such a critter" and UniqueRM said she could make me one

I checked out her shop

She had wonderful totes! And blankets! Her fabrics are awesome! She makes some awesome things!!!!

Ooooo--a section for checkbook covers!

"Delightful!" I thought as a smile broke out on my face!

I was particularly drawn to a purple paisley fabric but she did not have the style of checkbook cover I wanted so I asked if she could make one in that fabric.

Now remember, we are in a chat room. If you have ever been in a chat room you know that it can be mass confusion. Comments are flying everywhere! It is like trying to talk to someone about being a bridesmaid in their wedding, while you are trying to serve birthday cake to a room full of kids and you are holding a balloo
n bouquet, and a puppy all at the same time!!!!

UniqueRm was attentive and spoke to me directly amongst the confusion, understood my wishes, and told me that within the week she would list it for me!

True to her word, she listed it!
Here's the listing:

Three days later in the mail, I received my "Made Just For Me Purple Paisley Checkbook Cover With A Duplicate Flap"! It was EXACTLY as I pictured it to be! It eve
n had a loop to hold my pen! Perfect, just perfect!!!!

I was and AM altogether pleased!!!!! Of course she got POSITIVE FEEDBACK!

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