Thursday, June 4, 2009

DeathlyCute Purchase

I was feeling rather miserable as I was having acute reactions to the allergy shots I was taking. Here's pictures of the reactions--Ugh! Anyway the nurse told me to start going home and putting ice packs on my arms right away after the shots. GREAT--GEEZ!

o I went home and since it was ETC Has Secrets Monday, I sign into Etsy to browse my Team Mates shops to see if I could find the Secrets.

Well, donchaknow, I FOUND one! Achy Paks Butterfly Squares Set fr
With the purchase of this set, I would get a FREE Achy Eye Pak!

Woohoo! Sign me up! Were is that "Pay by PayPal" button?!!

No real communication was necessary as it was ETC Has Secrets Monday and the deal was set in stone!

My Achy Paks arrived the next day!!!!! They only had to travel 30 miles by truck to my door. The fabric was bright green and pink with cute little butterflies all over them. The only thing I would have done differently is the packaging. It appeared they were just tossed into a box, no cute ribbon like the picture, not wrapped in tissue, and not even a business card.

I LOVE, I mean L-O-V-E, my Achy Paks. 20 minutes in the freezer and they are cold for 20 minutes. Shortly after I recieved them, I had to have my thyroid removed. They were the PERFECT size to fit right under my chin and rest there very comfortably. They conformed to the "injury" site and were VERY comforting. The only bad thing as they warmed up, their yummy rice smell made me hungry for rice!!!!!! Baaaadd for my waistline!!!!

Of course, DeathlyCute gets a positive feedback score! The Achy Paks are FANTABULOUS and GREAT for all the "ow-ies" and "ouch-ies" in your life!

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