Thursday, June 4, 2009

yummytreasures Purchase

I was perusing for beads on Etsy one night in March when I stumbled upon these beauties: Vintage Style Deep Purple Etched Teardrop Beads from

Well, if you have known me for any amount of time over, oh let's say, a MINUTE, you know that purple is my favorite colors. Every shade or combination of it! I like purple with purple was an unpopular color. Why my CB handle was "The Purple Pickle"!!!! Okay, I'll stop!!

Anyway, these beads are gorgeous! I want them! I had to have them! Wh
at can I make with them! I don't care! They must be MINE!!!!

I clicked "Commit to Buy", signed into PayPal--which is just too easy for me--and those beauties are MINE!

I did not have any other communication outside of the normal Etsy communications that come with a purchase. Three days later my beads were in safely my mailbox. I squealed with delight as they fell into my hand from the padded envelope, their residence on the cross-country journey to my house.

Immediately, I sit down at my desk and fashion these BEAUTIFUL BEADS into the MOST BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS--which are available in my shop. The earrings are not One Of A Kind as I made myself a pair too. I guess you could say they are One of a TWO of a Kind!!!!

Once again, yummytreasures gets positive feedback and I get a special pa
ir of earrings!

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