Friday, June 5, 2009

BeadAddiction2621 Purchase

I saw these while shopping for the supplies for my "Angel Watcher" earrings and an idea slammed into my head!

Little Angel Wings Charms from

I was so excited! These would be PERFECT for an Angel Bracelet idea my brain would NOT let me forget!!!! The idea was actually keeping me up at night!

I needed more than the listing stated so I convo's Sandra and ask if she had more. She promptly returned convo'd stating she could fulfill my need. AWESOME!!

I ordered them and as usual the USPS did not let me down--they delivered in two days and delight ensued!!! BeadAddiction2621 must have sent them the day of my purchase as they arrived so soon.

I made the aforementioned bracelet, showing it to a valued friend for a critique, who promptly asked me how much it was and I had a sale and 5 custom orders for the bracelet! My head was spinning!

I am certain it was the wings that gave it the umph! And it all started with browsing--yielding in a most easy and satisfying transaction with BeadAddiction2621. Positives all around!

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