Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsy Texas Crafters Purchase

Back in February, I was planning on having a booth at the "Blooming Temple" event with two of my Etsy Texas Crafters Team members. We wanted to make up Etsy Texas Crafters Promo bags to hand out to promote the Team.

I visited the Team Shop--

--I wanted to purchase ETC flyers for the the bags and a Taste of Texas Grab Bag just for me! I paid through PayPal (which is just too simple!) but I asked if I
could just pick up the flyers. I was to meet the shop curator for lunch to help organize the promo items in the shop. Saves the Team postage!

I must say that not only was I pleased with my flyers--you should see the st
uff I got in the Taste of Texas Grab Bag!


Several pairs of earrings, 'fridge magnets, a bracelet, notepads, stick
ers, doo dads, coupons -- it was just WONDERFUL!!!! It was jammed packed!!!!

Oh and the flyers had every color imaginable! With every bit of information about the Etsy Texas Crafters you could ever want! There was even a coupon for money off on purchases from the shop!!!!

Lunch was pretty awesome too! (Shout out to BJ's Brewhouse in Temple!)

Follow-up to the "Blooming Temple" Event: I had to cancel due to deaths in our family but I heard the Event was FANTABULOUS!!!!

Maybe next year!

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