Friday, June 5, 2009

SeaSprout Purchase

I had received a custom order for a pair for earrings from Belgium! My first international order! The request was VERY SPECIFIC. I was a little nervous but after studying the picture the buyer supplied, I went on an Etsy search and found the exact beads I needed from

I needed them rather quickly as they were to be a Mother's Day Gift and in Belgium Mother's Day was two (2) weeks later than ours. I had four (4) weeks to get supplies, make the earrings, and mail them to Belgium. So I convo'd SeaSprout to asked how fast I could get them. Amanda responded almost immediately. She said she would get them in the mail to me first thing in the morning and I should have them in 3 - 4 days.

I got them in two (2) days and the beads are perfect! I completed the earrings and got them in the mail with a week to spare. My buyer provided the following feedback on the earrings: "Good service, mom was happy with earrings!"

SeaSprout/Amanda was very astute to my needs and provided excellent customer service so that I would be a success! I will be back for more beads in the future!!!

Thanks Amanda!!!

I wonder.........since this was an international order, does that make me "Known World Wide"?!!!!! Can I add that to my resume?!!!! LOL

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