Thursday, June 4, 2009

MountainShadowDesign Purchase

Prior to moving from Wisconsin back home to Texas, someone gave me purple Angel Earrings. She said she had received them as a gift and they were not her style so she passed them onto me. Lucky me and I was thrilled--they were two of my favorite things--purple and Angels!

Fast forward to March 2009 when my car was vandalized (you can read about that in my blog entry dated 3/13/2009 :Out of Fear something Beautiful Came") and my
"Angel Guards" were conceived, I remembered those earrings. I renamed them "Angel Watchers" and set out to reproduce them.

I found They had the perfect beads for the wings of my "Angel Watchers"! Crystal AB Cresent Beads!

I was ecstatic! Maybe I could reproduce these adorable earrings! I quickly committed to buy as there was only one set in stock.

I also ordered more of these beads a month later. In both instances, shipping was fast and very professional. My beads arrived in a padded envelope and much
to my surprise, samples were also included each time. Not seconds! Actually samples I could incorporate into my pieces!!!!

I have a habit of IMMEDIATELY stopping everything I am doing, rush to my work table and make whatever I brought the beads for. Such it was in this case. I worked feverishly until my version of the "goal earrings" were perfected. By the way, my "Angel Watcher" Earrings are for sale in my shop (a link to my Shop is over at the right of my blog).

I highly recommend MountainShadowDesign for getting beads. I know I will be returning again!!!!

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  1. Hi Cheri!
    Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog!! Your Angel Watcher earrings came out great!!