Saturday, June 6, 2009

LemonLollipop Purchase

I had recieved samples of in a sample box. A small vial of Pink Vanilla(tm) Perfume Oil.

I was in love with this fragrance from the get-go! It reminded me of cake and cookies and cotton candy and the icing on the cakes my Grandpa and Grandma would make...................ummmmmm!

I contacted Michelle/PinkLollipop with my specific skin issue and she took the time to write a very informative response with helps and suggestions on how to help my problem. She put together as Sample Pack for me and sent it right out.

The samples she sent were delightful and after using them for several days, I ordered the Whipped Cream Soap and Perfume Oil Roll On in my favorite--PINK VANILLA!

The package was professional and well done--I worried because, in the Texas heat, things tend to melt if left in the mailbox too long (all you Texans out there raise a hand and say Amen to that!)

There are so many other goodies in this shop I am going to try..... Man, I wish I was independently wealthy! You should visit--you will love it too!


  1. I am in love with the Winter solstice scent! i'll have to smell this one too!

  2. amen to texas heat.............i love it.

  3. Hi: Just joined Etsy Texas Crafters and enjoy your blog. Hope you like it. Not to far from you - Killeen.