Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summerlandscrubs Purchase

I had to have a rather sudden surgery which left me and my body on a 24 hour/7 days a week roller coaster ride. I was not the happiest of campers in CheriLand!

I wanted to be comfortable--I wanted to be surround in sweet flowers with Sugar Plum Fairies dancing around me showering me with happy sunshine drops----you get the picture. I felt LOUSY and wanted to FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

In the meantime, I had orders a sample box in which Artisans nationwide contributed.

I received my box on one particular bad day in CheriLand. The box held candles, lotions, soaps, bath fizzies, scrubs, jewelry, wax melts-----just a whole lot of sample-y goodness.

There was a Lemon Cilanto Salt Scrub that peaked my interest. Perhaps a hot shower would make the citizen of CheriLand happy. I opened the sample jar and was immediately hit with a lemon-y aroma that actually brought a smile to my face!

The lemon fragrance filled the shower sending calm to my weariness. I placed some of the scrub in my hands and rubbed--the texture was very nice and satisfying! It felt wonderful on my skin, rinsed off totally, leaving my skin soft and soothed.

Throughout the rest of my day, I would catch a faint lemon-y scent and smile.

Okay--don't ya know that when that sample jar was empty, I made a bee-line to my computer--found my business cards and dialed up their shop....

I ordered the 16OZ jar of my Lemon Cilantro Salty Smooth Scrub and paid for it one click!

In a matter of days, the package arrived. I tore into the package. My Scrub was sitting in a nest of pink tissue paper with a thank you note from Denise. So pretty!

I am so totally pleased with this whole experience of the Scrub--not the surgery! They have wonderful things in this shop--it is SOOOOOO worth your visit!!!

Oh and I am recovering nicely.

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  1. Love your blog, Cheri! Thanks so much for the glowing compliments. :D I am so glad that my scrub made your day!