Friday, June 5, 2009

SweetWolf Purchase

I have had my eye on the most awesome wristlet in the world for a very long time! Or at least in TEXAS !!!!!

It was the delightful creation from

Being a Native Texan, this was DESTINED to my MINE!

So when ETC Has Secrets Monday rolled around - I made my move! I pounced on the opportunity!

After Etsy's normal purchasing procedure and about a week, my wristlet was home!

I am so pleased with my purchase.

Not only was my wristlet in the package, SweetWolf included a business card holder and a purse mirror! Everything was BEAUTIFUL! My Daughter-in Law, who is a Native Floridian, even commented how cute it was and if SweetWolf made one with
Orange Blossoms and an Orange on it--she would have to get it!!!!!

Of course positive feedback was this purchase's destiny!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Cheri! glad you enjoyed it! i'll let you know if i make a Florida friendly one!
    you got some extras since you're such a sweetie and always so helpful with the team!